Rent Aids for Daily Living

Lift Chair Rentals

We rent high quality lift chairs at an affordable price.
Lift chairs can give you or a family member a lift! 

With just a push of a button, a lift chair rises up to meet you, 
then allows you to ease back gently into a sitting position.

You can recline and put your feet up and when you’re ready to stand up, 
it will gently lift you up again and away you go.

Many of our customers start by renting a lift chair, have found it helpful 
and then decided to purchase one. In these cases, we credit one month
of the rental cost to the purchase price.

Hospital Bed Rentals

Whether it’s for short term use following surgery or required for a longer term, 
we rent hospital beds that will ensure comfort and peace of mind. Our rental beds are fully electric. They rise and lower with the touch of a button, making them easy to use, providing comfort and facilitating transfers.

Our hospital bed rentals are complete with headboard, footboard, side rails 
and a standard foam mattress measuring 36”wide x 80” long.

In addition to the rental price, there is a nominal charge for delivery, setup 
and disassembly and removal of the bed after the rental period is over. 
We also request the purchase of an inexpensive mattress protector. 

Hospital bedding in convenient packaging and washable mattress pads 
are also available for purchase.

Bed height: 15" minimum to 23" maximum
Sleep surface: 80" long x 36" wide
Overall bed length:   88" long x 36" wide

Hospital Bed Table Rentals

While convalescing, our hospital bed table is practical to rent 
and easy to use. The table height adjusts for comfort while reading, 
writing or eating and the table surface can be tilted to suit the user.

Floor casters ensure smooth mobility of the table in any direction 
and they can also be locked into position.

Table Top: 30" long x 15" wide
Base: 26" long x 15 1/2" wide

Height Adjustment: 28” to 39”

SuperPole Rentals

The SuperPole is a safety pole that provides a secure handhold 
to help prevent falls when standing, sitting or transferring. It is installed 
between any floor and ceiling and requires no drilling or holes into the floor 
or ceiling. Ideal for installing by the bed, living room chair or bathroom.

Floor to Ceiling Range: 93” to 99”
Pole Diameter: 1 ½”

There is a nominal charge to deliver and set up and dismantle 
and remove after the rental period.

SuperBar Rentals

Adding the horizonal SuperBar to the SuperPole provides extra support 
both horizontally and vertically. You can push, pull and lean on the SuperBar providing more safety and peace of mind.

The SuperBar has eight locking positions that rotate horizonally so you can 
stay closer to your support as you move. 

SuperBar Length: 16”
SuperBar Height on SuperPole: 24” to 38” from floor
SuperBar Diameter: 1 ½”
SuperBar Locking Positions: 8 (one every 45 degrees)

Bed Assist Rail Rentals

The Assista-Rail provides in-bed support that’s secure and easy to install. 
It installs between the mattress and box spring. A safety strap ensures 
the Assista-Rail will not move.

Rail Width: 17 ¼”
Rail Height: 20”
Rail Diameter: 1 ¼”


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