Rent Mobility Aids

Power Wheelchair Rentals

Our power wheelchairs are suitable for use on most surfaces and offer the ultimate in independent mobility, comfort and driving range. 

Power wheelchairs have the maneuverability and versatility to be driven both in the home and outdoors provided access is available.

Motor Scooter Rentals

Our motor scooters are available for rent in three or four wheel configurations and in various sizes. The three wheel models, while more maneuverable, are generally not as stable as four wheel models.

The smaller motor scooters have the advantage of being more compact and portable than the larger models but are not as comfortable or practical as the larger models for outdoor driving.

The larger motor scooters are more stable and comfortable and better suited for outdoor use. 

Most motor scooters, except the smallest models, lack the maneuverability to be driven safely in one’s home or apartment

Manual Wheelchair Rentals

Hospital Style Wheelchair

Suitable for short term, occasional use. This style of wheelchair is heavier, less maneuverable and offers fewer features compared to higher quality wheelchairs.

Lightweight Wheelchair

Higher performance, more compact and lighter in weight than hospital style wheelchairs. Greater adjustability, allowing for easier movement, improved seating and positioning and greater comfort.

Manual Tilt Wheelchair

Dynamic tilt feature for the user who cannot maintain an upright posture through the use of seating components alone

Walker Rentals

Indoor Walker
Suitable for indoor use only, either with 6” diameter wheels or without wheels.

Indoor/Outdoor Walker
Suitable for indoor and occasional outdoor use, featuring four small wheels of 6” diameter, hand braking system, seat, basket and back support.

Outdoor Walker
Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use on flat, firm surfaces. Features four large wheels of 8” diameter, hand braking system, seat, basket and back support. 
 Its large wheels offer improved mobility and a smoother, more comfortable ride.


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